Four More Jacksonville Restaurants You Might Want To Stop By - Tips On Locating Downtown St Petersburg Apartments For-Rent
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Four More Jacksonville Restaurants You Might Want To Stop By

Four More Jacksonville Restaurants You Might Want To Stop By

Let’s take a look at some more of the top restaurants in Jacksonville, Florida. They are certainly going to be ones you might want to visit when you get there. Are you going to be living in Jacksonville, or do you plan to take a nice long vacation there? The city features quite a few adventures, and those adventures are going to make you hungry, don’t you think? I have four restaurants hand picked for you and your family to enjoy while spending time in Jacksonville.

First of all, let’s take a look at a place called The Brick. What a simple name for this restaurant, and it kind of grabs your attention, doesn’t it? This brunch spot is located on Saint Johns Avenue, and it is a place to enjoy burgers, kale salads, crab cakes and more. Have you ever noticed how many menu highlights for restaurants on travel sites always mention crab cakes? In other words, if a restaurant serves up crab cakes, it seems like they are always going to let you know for sure.

Another top establishment in Jacksonville is Marker 32, and it is located on Beach Boulevard. You know what that means. Look for this place after hitting the beach in Jacksonville. Menu highlights include seafood, salads, grits, collard greens and you guessed it, crab cakes. Make sure you get a table with a view.

Now let’s take a look at Taverna, a top Jacksonville restaurant located on San Marco Boulevard. It is known for pizza, salmon and many other great menu items. Reviewers say the atmosphere is nice, and this top rated restaurant pleases on many different levels. It should be a great place for a meal in Jacksonville.

One more stop is planned, and it is going to be Moon River Pizza on Edgewood Avenue South. They do offer pizza by the slice, which is always good to know. One reviewer talks about loving the Greek Salad, and you can imagine there are other tasty eats on the menu besides pizza. Still, remember this restaurant as one of the top places for pizza in Jacksonville, Florida.

That rounds out this group of four top restaurants in Jacksonville. I hope you enjoy them and enjoy your time in the city overall. It should be a blast, and you are going to figure that out soon enough. Fill yourself up on all the great food, and make sure you check out desserts that are available, too.